How to survive in the forest

So, you have come to the place of hunting. The first thing to do is to prepare the night. In winter, this is more labor-intensive work than in summer, but it must be started immediately.

You are raking snow on the ground. To do this, you can use skis, boards, pieces of wood. A hole in the snow will retain heat and protect it from the wind. Make sure it is big enough. Otherwise, you risk burning your clothes with sparks flying out of the fire.

A little king or queen?

If there is time, start a fire at the bottom of the pit, warm and dry the ground. Sleeping will be much more comfortable.

It is necessary to put a rug on the bottom or to throw fir branches, branches or grass; You can make flooring from felled pillars. This will protect against cold and moisture. You need to sleep in underwear or a shirt, otherwise you can burn outer clothing during sleep.

Conifers burn well, but they sparkle strongly. Go to bed on the windward side so that the sparks fly away from you.

Bonfire can not be lit under large trees. Snow falling from them can extinguish it. Such a case was described in one of the stories of Jack London. A hunter who fell under the ice made a fire, but the snow falling from the tree extinguished it, and the hunter froze.